How Much Does Jessica Alba Weigh?

Jessica Marie Alba is the proud mother of two bouncing babies, and while managing her acting career, her own company (green baby products), she somehow manages to maintain an ideal body weight.

Not surprising, when you consider that Ms. Alba is an outspoken advocate for eating healthy and staying in good psychical shape. As for Jessica Alba's weight, I would guesstimate that she weighs approximately 115 lbs.

Now that may sound a little low for the average bear, but you must consider that Jessica Alba has a lean body mass due to her dedicated exercise routine.

Even while pregnant she didn't let her 'go', instead she nurtured herself and her unborn baby with a balanced diet. Hence why she was able to shed her minimal baby-weight after giving birth.


Jessica Alba Measurements

While surveying the field of sensationally perfect women in show business, we often gauge perfection by the measurements of the body, and of course of the structure of ones face, and other superficial ideologies.

But while we're on the topic of body measurements, i thought we'd go ahead and share Jessica Alba's dazzling definition.

While at her typical weight, Jessica Alba's stats are listed at 34B-24-34.


How Much Money Is Jessica Alba Worth?

I would imagine that Jessica Alba is one of the top ten most bankable actresses in all of show business, so i wonder how much she takes home from those big movie roles?

Jessica Alba's money net worth is listed at just over $40 million.

Now that's a couple of quarters.


Jessica Alba Acne Pimples

Its just goes to show that even the most beautiful woman in the world can have the occasional acne breakout.

Pimples don't even stand a chance to taint the beauty of Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba candid acne photos.


Jessica Alba Tattoos

Checkout these pictures of Jessica Alba's tattoos, she has a Sanskrit word on her right wrist, a small bow on her lower back and a lady bug and flower on her neck.

What do you think about the tattoos of the lovely Jessica Alba?